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As you know, with new challenges, new tools are created, and we are glad to introduce to you the latest Web based technology in Virtual Sales: Xperience+

Until now our clients were using innovative Web ArX 360 VR application, now with the added capability of the Xperience+ your client have the ability of walking thru your projects, seamless, and at the comfort of their home or office. This tool perfectly blends the great real time walk-through experience with the web mobile platform, requiring no other hardware than a phone, an ipad, or a computer.

You and your clients will be the first to experience this. We know you will be delighted, and so will they.

In a new aged of Virtual Sales, and Virtual Tours, your clients will feel like they are almost there, and the ability of not just seeing the scope of the project, but in many cases, the actual true to sight views from any unit, beautiful landscape gardens, amazing and relaxing pools with magnificent views, and any amenity areas.

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