Patricio Navarro is the CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions. Under his leadership, the company became the top architectural visualization firm in Argentina and is now recognized as one of the top firms in Florida. Patricio created the firm, along with his brother Gonzalo Navarro, in 1996 as an architectural firm called ArX Arquitectura. The firm would come to be called ArX Solutions in 2003 with the opening of the Miami branch.  Under Patricio’s leadership, the firm has achieved much success, with an impressive year over year growth rate, and numerous recognitions from international institutions.  
Patricio studied engineering in La Plata University and architecture in Universidad de Belgrano, both in Argentina. He was the top student in his class with an average of 9.5 over 10 in six years. As an architect, he worked alongside Gonzalo and the two won several national and international competitions. As the CEO of ArX Solutions, Patricio develops the long term vision for the company.

Gonzalo Navarro is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of ArX Solutions. A pioneer in computer graphics in 3D, Gonzalo originally created the company along with his brother Patricio Navarro as an architectural firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1996 called ArX Arquitectura. In 2001, the company was split into two firms—ArX Arquitectura for architectural services and ArX Digital Studios for computer graphics in 3D. ArX Digital Studios became the first company registered in Argentina with an exclusive focus on architectural visualization. In 2003, Gonzalo spearheaded the firm’s entry into the United States market. At that point, ArX Solutions, as it is known today, was born.
Gonzalo studied architecture in the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina, where he was recognized as one of the top ten students of his class and went on to have a distinguished career as an architect. He created the first hyper-realistic computer animation and holographic presentation in Argentina in 1991. Gonzalo currently lives in Miami, Fla., where he oversees all aspects of ArX Solutions.

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