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Films & 3D Animations


ArX Solutions has extensive experience in the development of computer animations for architectural visualization purposes. We create sophisticated Architectural Films from the conceptual stages through the final cut.  Our expertise also includes chroma-key production, sound and visual FX, audio & video editing, 2D/3D motion graphics and virtual tours. Our films prove to be invaluable tools for marketing and sales campaigns, design reviews, public opinion evaluation and for city presentations and approvals.


ArX Solutions can manage the whole film process. From the conceptual idea or storyboard creation to original soundtack. From pre-production, production to post production. From small projects to big projects. ArX Solutions is a turn key solution.

ArX Solutions has extensive experience working in partnerships. Our goal is to always provide the best product.


Sometimes clients can´t see the difference between a film and 3D animation. That is why we are showing here both the film and 3D animation done for the same project. The purposes are quite different. While films are more oriented to lifestyle and story telling, animations best showcase the product itself. 

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