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Portable VR - ArX 360

ArX 360 takes you 10 years ahead into Real Estate marketing. VR offers an immersive addition to your typical marketing content. This product features goggle compatibility (Oculus Go, Gear VR, HTC, etc.), large screen mirroring capabilities, and a web version for effortless integration onto your company or project website. All 360 applications are wireless and require no internet connection to be used. They are also highly customizable, e.g., adding a multi-user function, selecting between multiple finishes, etc. ArX 360 makes an excellent marketing tool, but also serves as a powerful decision making application. The ability to visualize, customize, and fine-tune small details prior to finalizing a plan helps in approval speed and cost reduction.
Recognitions: The New York Times, The Guardian, American Way Magazine, Wired, Forbes, The Real Deal, CBS and NBC News.

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